I'm a writer. It's what I do best. It's how I make a living.

I am a copywriter by trade, and what I like about that is twofold. First, it's the best cure for verbosity. In copywriting, you must make your point quickly. You must be dense—in the best sense—and cram a lot of meaning into very few words. For someone who spent a lot of time reading dictionaries for pleasure growing up, selecting the right word, the one that says it all, is something akin to nirvana.

Secondly, some people mistakenly think that copywriting refers to trademarks or legal patents—something dry. That amuses me because it's exactly the opposite. My creativity is demanded on every project, and I thrive on that. Copywriting is about ideas that pop. It's about clever wordplay. It's about puns and rhymes; sometimes it's about humor and irony. Most importantly, it's about good writing—clear, concise and engaging.

Copywriting is the most varied writing I've ever done. I've written five-word taglines, four-panel brochures and 10,000-word websites. I've written for consumer audiences, trade audiences, patient audiences and physician audiences. I have used my words to promote products or awareness for companies as different as Pfizer and MGM Home Entertainment.

With both in-house and agency experience, I have particular expertise in entertainment and healthcare. But I'm a quick study in any industry. Furthermore, I have developed a work philosophy from my time in-house that shapes my freelance approach today. I want to be the easiest person to work with because that's who I hired time and time again when I myself sought freelancers.

In short, I aim to be your go-to person, the one who gets the job done on time and on strategy. You get what you ask for, not some strange variation on theme. You get it with a smile, not with ownership issues. Best of all, you don't have to hold my hand. Let me take something off your plate and deliver exactly what you need.

As a copywriter, my specialties include:

That said, I can handle just about any writing or editing assignment, so try me!

Amy Morton